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Way Interim is building a robust network of proven interim executive and professional talent, supported by Futurice Group ecosystem.

Leading an organization during a period of change or transformation demands a unique blend of understanding, insight, and empathy. Our interim executives and professionals are a catalyst for accelerating change and committed to delivering the outcomes your business requires.

Today’s leading professionals are setting new standards for flexibility in their ways of working. A growing number of leaders are opting for interim roles that align with their personal lifestyles. Whether you need talent for transformation, innovation or growth, for spontaneous needs or for strategic programmes, we provide top-tier, sought-after talent tailored to meet your specific requirements.

For companies

Find your Way forward with confidence and enhance your team’s capabilities instantly with specialized skills. Our interim talent solutions provide unparalleled quality, speed and scalability.

For candidates

Experience a seamless match with a company culture that resonates with your personal values and beliefs. Find your Way to achieve an ideal balance between your personal and professional life and find the perfect assignment into your personal career portfolio.

Functions we serve

Strategic Change

Guiding organizations through significant transitions and strategic change, whether related to market shifts, organizational development, or adopting new business models. Tailored approach to manage change effectively, ensuring alignment with long-term strategic goals and minimizing disruption to operations.

Data & AI

From Data & AI strategy to reimagining business in the AI age. Leveraging the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence to transform your business processes and decision-making. We will help you figure out how to implement AI into your existing business processes and identify new opportunities for enhancing efficiency, strategic capabilities, and innovation.

Digital Transformation

Staying relevant in a technology-driven world. Integration of advanced digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. Digital transformation goes beyond technology, fostering a culture of innovation and digital-first thinking.

Growth & CX

Focused on driving business growth through enhanced customer experiences, our advisors combine market opportunity, customer insights, and strategic planning. Designing seamless and engaging customer journeys, fostering loyalty, increasing customer retention, and driving revenue growth.

Our approach to interim management

Your business is our business

We are committed to understanding your business. By asking the right questions and grasping your objectives and organizational culture, we delve into the nuances of what distinguishes a good interim leader from a great one. With a clear vision of your needs, we spare no effort in searching for the ideal candidates for you.

Speed and scalability

Benefit from rapid deployment and adaptable solutions with our interim talent. Our approach ensures that you quickly find the right interim talent without compromising on quality, allowing your organization to maintain momentum and adapt swiftly to changing business landscape.

Customer at <3

Our approach goes beyond seeing individuals as CV’s in a database. We are responsive and dedicated to providing an exceptional, high-touch experience to both our clients and candidates. We understand the remarkable impact that exceptional talent in the right positions can make.

People-first approach

Our people-centered approach ensures a deep understanding of our interim community. It’s not just about their distinct skills, accomplishments, and areas of specialty; we also grasp their motivations and the individual character they contribute. This attention to detail is what creates a meaningful difference.


Riikka Tanner – COO

Riikka Tanner is a seasoned organizational transformation leader, known for her unwavering dedication to driving change and delivering exceptional results across various industries. Her career is marked by a unique blend of strategic vision, operational expertise, and leadership acumen, with a deep-seated passion for enabling organizations to thrive in the fast-paced business world.

+358 50 535 8245 riikka.tanner(@)

Mika Repo – CEO

Mika Repo is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of C-level experience under his belt. His unique approach prioritizes people over processes and technology, a philosophy that has steered him through numerous successful change positions in prominent corporations such as Nordea, Elisa, and Stockmann. Mika firmly believes that change always begins with people.

+358 50 303 8260 mika.repo(@)

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